A-West students banned from Walgreens


Alex Larson

From theft to disrespect, Walgreens has had enough of A-West students in their store.

In a surprising announcement during third period at A-West, students were told that they have been banned from Walgreens (64th and Simms) during school hours. Walgreens typically is a magnet for A-West students due to its proximity with the school and the goods that it carries, however, after months of appalling behavior, Walgreens management decided that they have had enough. 

Walgreens manager Lisa Cave says the ban was put in place because of, “Theft and disrespect. Everyday, all day.”

Walgreens manager Sianna Rodriguez comments, “They [A-West students] think it’s a hangout spot. We have customers that want to come in and shop. They don’t want to hear the kids cussing and screaming.”

Students’ behaviors haven’t just been negatively affecting customers’ experiences. Walgreens employees have experienced unprecedented disrespect including being cussed out, being called names, and being robbed regardless of how nice the employees treat them. 

However, after a student stole Rodriguez’s phone on Tuesday, they decided it was best to keep students out. 

“Yesterday was the last straw,” Rodriguez expresses. 

Banning A-West students from Walgreens will not hurt their business. Cave explains, “They steal way more than they pay for.”

Walgreens does not plan to see much purple during school hours. Lisa Cave explains, “Actions have consequences.” Photo by Alex Larson.

Cave has noticed this behavior evolve, especially over the course of the pandemic. Now, she and many other employees, think it’s been at its worst in years. 

Damiana McDonald, another employee at Walgreens expresses, “I think they [teenagers] think they’re bold and that they are adults. But being an adult doesn’t give you the right to treat other people badly.”

Cave explains, “Students are very entitled, and to be honest with you, the parents are as well.” 

The business has not only had to deal with A-West students, but their parents too. Many parents have been rude to the employees over both the ban on their students and even parking in the fire lane.The employees do not find it surprising that the students are acting the same way.

McDonald expresses, “We are here to help them. We check them out and help them find things. It is just hurtful when they say rude things to us and are disrespectful. I think if they could take one thing from this it would be to always treat people with respect.”

“If they could take one thing away from this, it would be to always treat people with respect”, Damiana McDonald expresses. Photo by Alex Larson.

As for A-West students, this ban has led to a lot of confusion and anger within the school. 

Senior Zach Plummer explains, “I feel like they should try to weed out the kids who [act poorly], but it’s good and bad. I feel like there is constructive criticism with the ban. Hopefully we will learn a lesson from it, but you never know.”

As for now, Walgreens has no plans to lift the ban anytime soon, and any students breaking the ban could potentially receive a trespassing violation penalty. 

“We need them out,” Rodriguez says. 

While not all students are a part of the issue, it is clear there was enough that Walgreens and its employees could not take it anymore.

Cave concludes, “Actions have consequences, good or bad. You are not entitled, none of us are. No one owes you anything in life, anywhere you go.”