The Westwind

Outdated organization; NCAA’s greedy policy

Scott Kordziel, Reporter

January 23, 2014

   In the midst of the once chaotic and disunified world of college athletics, an authoritative and unifying body was absolutely necessary. The nature of sports was much different at the time. Football players suffered numerous inj...

Scolded for swearing: studies show that using explicit language can potentially result in some health benefits

Baylee Blair, Reporter

January 23, 2014

   How many times have you been scolded for swearing? Studies today are proving that swearing can be good for your health, emotions, and it can work as a pain reliever.    “Swearing is such a common response to pain tha...

One step forward, two steps back: Amendment 64 and 66

Tessa Dryke, Editor in Chief

January 23, 2014

   I found Amendment 64 , a choice on last year’s November ballot, ironic. For those who do not recall Amendment 64 was the legalization of growing, using recreationally (over the age of 21) and selling marijuana. It is ironic...

Dress code does not allow for free expression

Michaela Cameron, Reporter

November 12, 2013

   The shrill bell that starts the school day has just rung, and the girl with dark circles under her eyes takes out a pencil. The daily discussion begins, and as it drones on and on, the girl finds it hard to focus on her schoo...

Courtesy down the drain

Kaylene Chrisp, Reporter

November 12, 2013

   Walking into the bathroom on a Friday during seventh I went into the bathroom and the toilet was filled to the rim with toilet paper and cereal. That person not only went out of there way to vandalize the toilet but they als...

Killing sparky not the answer

Sarah Malloy, Editor

April 22, 2013

Picture your pet: four year old Sparky, a Golden Retriever. He is playful, kind, and loves to wake you up with a  big, slobbery kiss. Now, picture your life without Sparky. No more barks at the mailman, no more hikes in the summe...

Myths about body art busted

Rie Misiti, Reporter

April 22, 2013

Imagine a young, college student with dark brown hair and clear, olive-toned skin. Most people would find this person attractive. Now, imagine the same student with an eyebrow piercing and stretched ears, and her once clear s...

Google search: Brain, no results found

Brandon Kehiayan-Schimpff, Reporter

April 22, 2013

  Faster than a speeding bullet, able to reach to tall buildings, and able to show a sneezing panda. It is not a bird, it is not a plane, it is the Internet. The fastest way to share information is also the fastest way to sprea...

Madness versus Pride

Brandon Kehiayan-Schimpff

February 14, 2013

 “Wildcats, Mustangs, and drama. Oh my!” School rivalry is a big part of high school life whether people like to admit it or not; especially in school spirit, sports games, and test scores. One school wishes to be better...