Dolan twins channel brings positivity to YouTube

The Dolan twins are popular YouTubers who just hit over nine million subscribers. The Dolan twins are two 19-year-old twin boys, Ethan and Grayson, who do challenges or other videos like Q and As, lie detector tests, and Sister Squad videos. The Sister Squad is a group of YouTubers that includes the Dolan twins, vlogger Emma Chamberlain, and beauty guru James Charles. This group made the twins’ channel grow after they hit a mental block and had to take their second break from YouTube.

They have recently been on a break and have just come back after their father Sean Dolan died. This is the third break they have taken from their channel. 

In most of their videos they spread a lot of positivity and happiness through their good moods, smiles, and laughs all throughout their videos. They have also posted a few more serious videos. When they are going through a tough time they are not afraid to let people know. They want their fans and supporters to feel less alone with everything other people might be going through.

I really like all of their videos because they can make people smile and laugh, but they can also help people through bad times if they need to. They always try to be positive and funny even when they are going through the hardest times in their life and this is another thing I like about them. I like how they feel the need to push themselves to be the best they can and never let their fans down.

The Dolan twins are always such positive people and really good examples for their viewers. They are always doing the best they can and it shows in each of their videos. They will always try to be their best selves and everyone can see this when they are watching because of how happy they are. Even after losing their father, they came back better and stronger than ever, trying to keep up the happy vibes in their videos and not let anything get in the way of their videos.

I really like this about the Dolan twins because you know they can be serious and help people, be kind and make people smile, or be funny and make people laugh. Overall they are one of my favorite YouTube channels.