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Lexi Silz, Reporter

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Marcaida poses (on the left) with two friends as White Day Nico Yazawa from Love Live! School Project.


After finding out that their favorite actor is attending a local convention, a group of friends decide to attend the con, Denver Comic Con. When they arrive on the first day, they immediately see a large blue bear peering into the window, and people dressed up as all kinds of characters from different media. This is known as cosplay.


Alysha Marcaida, a senior at Arvada West, has been cosplaying for seven years.


Marcaida is dressed as SNSD Ahri from League of Legends on the far right.

“Cosplay is a shortened term for ‘costume play’, where fans of fictional shows or games dress up as a character they like or connect with,” explains Marcaida. She began the hobby after being “heavily influenced by people who surrounded [her]—who cosplayed at the time.” She always liked sewing and decided to give it a try. She has been cosplaying ever since.


Conventions are a gathering of people with the same interests, whether it be comics, video games, anime, or something else. They are usually hosted at hotels, college campuses, or convention centers. Most cons have four-day, three-day, or single day tickets to purchase. There are several conventions in Colorado, and the most notable ones are Denver Comic Con (DCC) and Nan Desu Kan (NDK), which attract thousands of people each year.


“My favorite convention in Colorado is definitely NDK. It was my first convention back in 2011 and it keeps getting better each year,” Marcaida says. “The people there are generally very approachable and accepting, making it easy to make new friends. The events at this convention are always so entertaining and it is very easy to navigate the convention.”


Unlike DCC which averagely gets 110,000 people attending, NDK gets a little over 7,000. NDK is mainly geared towards anime fans, while DCC is mainly geared towards comic and video game fans, though fans of all kinds of media can attend both conventions.


Marcaida, on the left battles a friend as Ahri from League of Legends.

Marcaida plans on cosplaying characters from video games next, such as D.Va from Overwatch, Yuna from Final Fantasy, and Star Guardian Lux from League of Legends.   


For those cosplaying for the first time, Marcaida suggests finding a costume that “fits your craftsmanship level.” She states that knowing what people can and cannot do is very important when deciding which costume people want to make. Another option is buying a first costume. When going to a convention for the first time, Marcaida also suggests to bring a refillable water bottle. Water bottles at conventions can be expensive, and waiting for water fountains can be really long. Hydration is important at cons, and cannot be ignored. Most stay at conventions the whole day to meet celebrities, buy merchandise, and hang out with friends which can become tiring.


“Recently, I’ve seen cosplay become more and more accepted in society as it has become more popular. I’ve seen nerd culture, in general, become more accepted, which may contribute to people accepting the hobby more.”

Conventions in Colorado:

Denver Comic Con

Nan Desu Kan

Colorado Anime Fest

Rocky Mountain Con

Animeland Wasabi

Running of the Leaves


Zombie Crawl

Colorado Springs Comic Con



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The World of Cosplay