Can humans be replaced by technology?

Members of the job force are becoming aware of the looming threat technology imposes on their jobs; however, the facts show that the threat is not as risky as people imagine: only a small portion of the current job market in the U.S. can be completely operated by technology. Ultimately, this may look different in the future.

Machines can bring efficiency while requiring no paycheck. However, The Washington Post states that only five percent of the jobs of today can be completely operated by technology. The Post does argue that in the future a larger percentage of jobs could be 30 percent machine-controlled. That still leaves 70 percent of the work to be done by humans.

The technology teacher at Arvada West, Leah Lindblom, says, “No computer can do what a human can do.”

The number of robots per 10,000 workers in the United States is not equivalent to the high numbers in other countries. Different countries’ decisions to use or not to use robots comes down to what the cheapest and best choice is for them. Countries such as India that have a surplus of workers willing to work on very low wages usually do not focus on technological advancements in manufacturing. The biggest buyers in the robot market are China and Japan. The United States is far from being completely overtaken by robots and far behind other countries as well.