Legally Blonde: Behind the scenes

The musical, Legally Blonde, was actually not supposed to happen. Lindsey Welsh, the director of the musical, originally planned on doing Chicago, but the copyright company pulled the rights. 

Welsh comments on how she felt after she found out she could not do Chicago: “I was disappointed, it’s a show that I’ve always wanted to do, but it actually was a blessing in disguise because Legally Blonde has turned out to be actually a really great challenge.”

The cast meets four days of the week, with a total of 15-18 hours a week. With that many hours, how does the cast deal with schoolwork?

Freshman Alexander Stockwell, who is in the male ensemble, says, “If you’re an all honors student you need to make sure that you’re not only communicating with your teachers but your director as well to make sure you’re on top of everything.”

And freshman Gina Parker, who is in the hair and makeup crew, responded, “Sometimes it is hard, mostly during tech week because we’re after school till 9 every night.”

Responding to rumors that people have been getting disrespected, Welsh says, “We always have personality conflicts because we have 110 people in a production and in any group that size, not every single person is going to have the same personality type. Every group of individuals are going to have personality conflicts, going to have people with strong opinions, because it’s an art and artists are very emotional and passionate because that’s why we love what we do.”

Tickets for the show went on sale on February 1st and there are going to be 4 shows on February 28th, and March 1st-3rd at 7 p.m. in the A-West auditorium. The tickets are $12 for students and $15 for adults.