Students plan walkouts to protest gun violence

Students all around the U.S. have been taking a stand against the incidents that have been happening in many schools quite frequently. These students are taking matters into their own hands by advocating against gun control. Some schools are punishing students that participate in the school walkouts. In Texas, a school superintendent has a plan to suspend any student that takes part in the school walk out while other states such as Florida, Colorado, Minnesota and Illinois, for the most part, are planning and allowing some students to walk out peacefully.

Women’s March organizers, such as Tamika D. Mallory, Bob Bland have been helping to coordinate a day where students could walk out. There is one on April 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine school shooting in Littleton, Colorado. The main day that has been going around for the national school walkout is March 14. This walkout will last 17 minutes for the 17 people that were killed in the Florida school shooting. These walkouts are meant to be peaceful, and act as a call to Congress to pass gun laws, so that these students can feel safe at school.

The hashtag #ENOUGH has spread nationwide. This hashtag is for people that have had enough of these mass shootings. They want gun control laws so that another incident like this will not happen again. Another hashtag that has been going around is #NeverAgain. This hashtag is people saying that anything like the Florida shooting will not happen in Florida again, and it will not happen anywhere else.