Colorado governor John Hickenlooper declares campaign for president

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper just declared his campaign to run for president in 2020. He is amidst a group of governors and senators running. Before he announced his campaign, Hickenlooper was a two time elected governor of Colorado. Wynkoop Brewing Company, Colorado’s first brew pub, was founded in 1988 by Denver mayor and Colorado governor-elect John Hickenlooper and a group of urban pioneers that included Mark Schiffler (current Wynkoop COO) and Ron Robinson (Wynkoop’s current GM). That has expanded to 15 brew pubs across Colorado and neighboring states. 

In 2003, Hickenlooper ran for mayor of the city of Denver. He won in a landslide in his first campaign ever. He served as mayor from 2003 to 2011. During his tenure as mayor, he cut $70 million without laying people off or losing anything. He added 119 miles of FasTrack across the Metro Area. The train tracks now go from Golden all the way to DIA, and down into Union Station downtown.

Hickenlooper stated, “I’m running for president became we need dreamers in Washington, but we also need to get things done. I’ve proven again and again I can bring people together to produce the progressive change Washington has failed to deliver. Join me, and we’ll repair the damage done to our country and be stronger than ever.”

Behind Hickenlooper, he has three official people on his staff. Brad Komar, his campaign manager; Rick Palacio, his senior advisor; and Stephanie Donner, his chief of legal counsel. He has not received endorsements at this date, but that is because he just announced his campaign at the beginning of March.  

Hickenlooper has experience both as mayor and governor of Colorado, and is an avid businessman. He plans to run against Trump as a Democratic candidate. Some things to look for if Hickenlooper goes further in his campaign are how he handles himself and if he works with both parties.