Superbowl Commercial Review

The SuperBowl has been going for over 50 years, annually getting somewhere around 100 million viewers. Most watch the Superbowl for the competition between the two teams on the field, but some watch it for the competition off the field between companies and brands trying to craft commercials that will be remembered and make you want to buy the product advertised. Some companies go with the sentimental and tear-jerking route while others go with the cheesy route like the famous Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby commercial back in 2016. For just 30-second commercial companies pay over 5 million dollars just to try to get a short message across. The first-ever Superbowl that occurred in 1967 had a price tag of 42,000 dollars.

 Arguably the most talked about the commercial is the baby peanut commercial. This commercial depicts a funeral for Mr. Peanut who had “died” in a previous commercial. This commercial was somewhat of a surprise since the commercial of Mr. Peanut dying had only aired a couple of weeks prior to the new one of baby peanut. This commercial was somewhat funny combining different brands such as the Kool-Aid from Kool-Aid and Mr. Clean from none other than Mr. Clean. The commercial shows a sad crowd mourning the “death” of Mr. Peanut, but when one of Kool-Aid man’s tears hits a mound of dirt Mr. Peanut is reborn. 

The reborn Mr. Peanut’s new first words were, “(Happy Dolphin noises).” 

He then continued, “Just Kidding….I’m back”

Overall the commercial is somewhat funny with a somewhat sarcastic tone.

The next commercial is the Soda Stream Commercial. This commercial is considered the funniest Super Bowl commercial by many. It has a cameo from Bill Nye: The Science Guy. It shows a guy using the Soda Stream product to carbonate water that was found on Mars. He finishes his glass of water while astronauts and important people in suits watch him drink it.

 One of the astronauts then says, “ That was the mars water.”

 To which the guy that drank the water says, “ I thought it said Mark’s Water.”

 The final commercial is the Doritos Commercial. This commercial features actor Sam Elliot and musician Lil Nas X. This commercial features Lil Nas X’s famous 2019 track “Old Town Road” as Elliot and Nas X have a dance-off to the song.

 A-West student Brogan Pugliese says, “ The Doritos commercial was my favorite and the Soda Stream was my least favorite.”