The Westwind

About Us

The Westwind, a legally recognized open public forum for student expression, is published six to eight times a year by the newspaper class for students of Arvada West High School. Expression made by students in the exercise of freedom of speech or freedom of press is not an expression of Jefferson County school board policy. The views expressed in The Westwind do not necessarily represent the views of the entire staff, adviser, AWHS administration of the Jefferson County School District administration. Board policy regarding student publications is available in the publications room (N218) or in the principal’s office.


The A-West Westwind is dedicated to providing the Arvada West High School student body with an honest, entertaining, extensive, and precise production. High quality and integrity are our top priorities in order to fulfill the public trust and expectations. We seek the truth and strive to respect diversity.

The Westwind welcomes and encourages letters to the editors. This is a chance to express your viewpoint on important issues. Letters should be limited to 250 words. Letters will be edited for spacing and legal considerations, but not for inaccuracies, grammar or spelling. Letters must contain information pertinent to the students of AWHS. The staff retains the right to not publish any letter not meeting these requirements. Unsigned letters will not be published. Please submit typed letters in person to  N218 or via mail or email (see  contact information found at the bottom of homepage).