The Westwind

2017-2018 Staff

Eden Weatherall

Reporter at large

Eden is a new reporter at large for The Westwind, and a sophomore this year. She is involved in both the instrumental and vocal music programs at Arvada West, as well as theater. She loves listening to Broadway soundtracks, readi...

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Amelie Bauer

Reporter at large

This is Amelie Bauer, a freshman at A-West. She is a reporter at large for The Westwind. Amelie is currently a part of the cheer squad here at Arvada West. If there is one thing you should know about her, it is that she is in lov...

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Nicole Zimmerman


Nicole is a reporter for The Westwind and a freshman at A-West. She just moved here from Minnesota. She enjoys skiing, figure skating, playing volleyball, and playing her ukulele. She can play the Harry Potter, Sherlock, and Sta...

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Melea Tate


Melea Tate is a freshman and is new to journalism. She is a member of the POMS team, the Mock Trial Club, and the theater program here at Arvada West. She is excited for an outlet to write about well-educated opinions and to r...

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Jilian Hopper


Jilian Hopper is a freshman at Arvada West High School. She is 14 years old. Volleyball is a big part of her life. When she is not doing anything related to school she is either playing volleyball or watching Netflix. Jilian’s...

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Cami Redford


Cami Redford is a freshman and a reporter for The Westwind. She is in choir, French, and winter guard, and spends her free time reading, watching Netflix, singing Disney songs, and eating spaghetti. Cami has an unfortunate habit o...

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Shelbie Hewitt


Shelbie is a freshman at Arvada West and is in her first semester in newspaper. She enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and writing. She also enjoys just hanging out with friends and watching shows like That ‘70s Show, Grey's A...

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Breanna McCabe


Breanna McCabe, a sophomore, and one quote she looks up to is: “Don't chase people. Be an example. Attract them. Work hard and be yourself. The people who belong in your life will come find you and stay. Just do your thing....

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Aaron Brown


This is Aaron’s first year doing newspaper of any sort and he is hopeful about this coming year and further years in The Westwind. He enjoys watching any horror movie he can get his hands on and playing video games. Aaron has th...

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Megan Meyer


Megan is a freshman at A-West. She enjoys playing soccer and loves the team that she plays with. She likes to watch Lost and Once Upon a Time in her free time. Megan loves to paddle board, and loves anything related to swimming spo...

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Keva Browner


Keva Browner is currently a freshmen this year. She is a reporter for The Westwind. She enjoys reading, but also likes to watch Netflix. Her favorite show is Gilmore Girls. Keva plays volleyball outside of school. Over the summ...

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Austin Hathaway


Austin Hathaway is a freshmen at Arvada West High School. He is currently a reporter for The Westwind and a football player on the Wildcats football team. He plays video games after football practice and is a generally kind person....

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Ella Kitchings


Ella Kitchings is a freshman at A-West High School and she is a reporter for The Westwind. She is 14 and her favorite thing to do is to hang out with her family and friends. She likes to play the guitar and watch Netflix. On a ...

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Aydin Valaski

Photography Editor; Opinions Editor

Aydin Valaski is a sophomore at A-West and the photography editor and opinions editor of The Westwind. She enjoys concerts, hiking, traveling, photography, and volunteer work. Aydin has three dogs that she loves very much. One...

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Michael Cowden

Social Media Editor

Michael Cowden is the social media editor for The Westwind, as well as the Co-President of the GSA at Arvada West High School. Michael is currently studying French and German. He enjoys writing controversial pieces for The Wes...

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Maddy Kirk

Sports Editor

Maddy “the Savage” Kirk is the Sports Editor for the Arvada West newspaper. She is a sophomore this year and most spends her free time eating snacks, playing hockey for the lady rough riders, sleeping which she says is tota...

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Jack Roberts

Current Events Editor

Jack Roberts is an editor for the Westwind News, and this is his second year. He is currently a sophomore. Jack enjoys writing satire, having lively discussions on current events, and he plays varsity tennis for A-West. Last year he...

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Caitlin Danborn


Caitlin Danborn is a junior at Arvada West High School. She is very excited to start her third year on staff and her first year as editor-in-chief of The Westwind.  Danborn runs cross country and track for A-West, and when she’s not ru...

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