Spotify, the design nightmare


 Spotify wrapped is the most exciting day of the year for music geeks, and last week Spotify wrapped was finally released. Many were overall excited to see their final results of music over the past year. The excitement slowly vanished. Students claim that the design and overall reports were terrible compared to past years. Most say that the music that they had as number one and two on their list, was something that they barely liked or listened to.

According to, they report that many users hated the design and layout of this year’s release. Not only, users all over Tik Tok state that it is so poorly done and took no time. As many have tried to redo the design, and have done much better. On an Instagram survey of 20 people, 80% of them felt that it was not accurate to their music style. They had felt that the genres were unorganized and weird. 

Junior Jack Soehner discusses, “It felt like it didn’t get anything right, I haven’t listened to some of those songs for over 6 months” 

Multiple students have reported this problem. 

As well as Sophomore Jill Cowan, she describes,¨I felt like they stopped recording my songs in a certain point in the year, which was not accurate, and did not make me feel good about my music taste.¨

Cowan says that it passively attacked her music genres. 

Juniors Kate Hefti and Xara Strom both agree that this year wasn’t what they expected. It was just as underwhelming, and long. They both argue that their reports had nothing to do with what they listened to. 

Hefti complains, ¨Why was all this included?¨

She agrees that it was not as needed to have the aura aspect and that the whole thing took way too long. 

Through the year, many look forward to Spotify wrapped. Yet this year was just not what people expected nor wanted. Spotify might even lose listeners. Students agree with how it should have its own developed designs each year, but this year was just an under step.