Harry Styles “As It Was” unlike any other


On Tuesday, March 31st, Harry Styles released a new song: As It Was. The song is already reaching out to many crowds, as this is the first song Harry Styles has released since his Fine Line album in 2019. Styles has been taunting his fans with his new album, ‘Harry’s House’, through his whole tour, and now people are raving about what it might be. Styles has announced that the album will be released on May 20th, 2022. 

The initial thought on the song was that it was a great development for Styles.

 Grace Hodson, a senior at Arvada West, states that it reminds her of Vampire Weekend. Styles is ready to show off his last album with a new era. 

Junior Ellia Zuniga replies, “It is a very entertaining song. I love the beat of it!”

 Just from the first few seconds of listening, she knew that she was going to be hooked to the song. 

With time winding down to the release date, students around the school get more and more excited. Since Styles’ last tour was interrupted by Covid, this could be a huge change for Harry fans. Even though Harry hasn’t said anything about a tour, much is still expected from fans.  

The song has been on the charts for only four days now, and much is expected to come with the upcoming album. Harry Styles will be in the minds of students at Arvada West for the next 2 months to come.