The power of energy drinks

The power of energy drinks

Every morning, students around the school are seen with energy drinks. Ranging from Red Bulls to Celsius. 

Junior Jack Soehner claims, “I drink them due to not getting enough sleep and they kick me through first period.”

In a survey of 70 people, 50% of them said that they drink energy drinks to get through school. As they work through the day, the more drowsy they get, the more energy they need. 

Sophomore Maggie Hodson explains, “I drink them to convince myself to stay awake in the morning, I also really enjoy the flavor.”

According to Suzanne Farrell, a spokeswoman for the American Diabetic Association, Caffeine works by blocking the effects of adenosine, a chemical in our brain that is responsible for sleep. When adenosine is blocked through consuming high quantities of caffeine, it causes the brain to stay active. Many students don’t experience caffeine working to the highest ability because of high consumption. Other factors like genetics or lack of good sleep can cause many people to not feel any benefactors of caffeine. 

Now how is this affecting school? As students wake up and get ready, many dread the thought of no caffeine, the drag without it, and tiredness throughout the day. In a survey students say it’s one of the only things that actually drive them through each period. What could we do to stay awake better in class rather than drinking 1-3 energy drinks throughout the day? Alana Biggers, with healthline, states that drinking more water and taking frequent breaks and walks is the best way to stop nodding off in class. 

What are the healthier alternatives to energy drinks? Tea and kombucha are studied to be much healthier for the brain and the body to rely on throughout the day. As students should take in the aspects of what caffeine addiction could lead to in the future, much is still to be seen. As of now students should continue to work on their consumption and work hard at getting the best rest for themselves.