Review: Pickle crunch ASMR video


On November 15, 2018, famous ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) YouTuber SAS-ASMR posted her attempt of the infamous pickle challenge, titled “ASMR Pickle Challenge (ASMR Phan) EXTREME Crunch EATING SOUNDS | SAS-ASMR.”

This challenge consists of the YouTuber attempting to eat as many pickles as he or she possibly can. 

Due to the crunchiness of the pickles, combined with the soft voice of SAS-ASMR herself and the visual courtesy of chewing with her mouth closed, this made for a very delightful and pleasant auditory experience. Regarding other eating ASMR videos, many will chew with their mouth open which detracts from the overall visual appeal, and others can forget to use a softer, whisper-like voice when inserting comments during the video.

According to Independent’s article titled “Here’s to Etiquette and not Chewing with your Mouth Open” opening one’s mouth whilst eating is a behavior that many find to be disgusting and rude, ASMR audiences included. However, by avoiding this barbaric behavior SAS-ASMR was able to cater to the likings of the more refined and civilized crowd of ASMR listeners.

Throughout the first few minutes of the video, the pickles that she had chewed were fresh and cold, making for a lovely crunch. As she descended her pile of pickles, the warmth of each gradually increased. Due to the longevity of the pickle, they became more moist and soft, which contrasted from the beginning pickles. A soft crunch is auditorily satisfying enough, and it added an interesting change throughout the video. She was able to almost convey a hard to soft crunch gradience as she continued eating down the pile of pickles.

Another heavily positive aspect of the video is that whenever she talked during the performance, she would use a softer, quieter voice. When an ASMR-tist performs, it is incredibly important to not hurt the listener’s ears and make all sounds clear. SAS-ASMR did this beautifully, as when she spoke, it added a more personal touch to the video without detracting from the overall quality of her crunches.

Overall, the video produced by SAS-ASMR was beautifully played, and offered wonderful auditory amusement.