Song review: ‘Dancing with a Stranger’ by Sam Smith and Normani

British singer Sam Smith along with former Fifth Harmony member Normani Kordei Hamilton, who goes by Normani, just released a new song called “Dancing with a Stranger.”

The track has an R&B vibe combined with the powerful voices of Smith and Normani.

The opening of the song is sung by Smith:

“I don’t want to be alone tonight/ It’s pretty clear that I’m not over you/ I’m still thinking ‘bout the things you do/ So I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Smith is well known for writing and singing songs about love. In this first verse he is talking about how he is having a hard time coping with the heartbreak of a relationship that ended, and how he does not want to be alone. This is a feeling that many people who have been through a heartbreak have had, and those feelings are hard to deal with.

“Look what you made me do/ I’m with somebody new/ Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger.”

Smith is telling the person he was in a relationship with that it was their doing that led him to dance with a stranger.

Normani then comes in with her part of the song:

“I wasn’t even going out tonight/ But boy I need to get you off my mind/ I know exactly what I have to do/ I don’t want to be alone tonight, alone tonight, alone tonight.”

She is singing about how the boy she used to be with is clouding up her mind, and that is why she went out.

“Dancing with a stranger/ Dancing with a stranger/Dancing, yeah.”

Smith and Normani flawlessly sing this part together and their voices fit really well together. This then leads into them singing the chorus again.

“Look what you made me do/ I’m with somebody new/ Ooh, baby, baby I’m dancing with a stranger.”

By the end of the song Smith and Normani add some really nice background notes. This song is very well thought out because it can relate to some people who just got out of a relationship and go out one night. I really like the track and the smooth R&B vibe. People can ‘dance with a stranger’ to this song, and just enjoy themselves.