Review: “Bird Box”


Actress Sandra Bullock stars in “Bird Box.”

Bird Box. The name makes the movie sound like it’s a happy-ending and a peaceful film to watch. But really, it’s more of a horror/sci-fi thriller, and maybe it’s not something to watch late at night.

Bird Box was released in November of 2018 around Thanksgiving and it is the story  about the end of the world. It is the story of how one woman and her two children survive five years after an ominous “creature” drives nearly everyone to commit suicide. With Sandra Bullock as the main character, this movie inflicts fear, heartbreak, and many other emotions.

The contrast in the movie only makes it better. It switches timelines between every few scenes to present time and five years after all the mass suicides. With the continual switching throughout the movie, it shows how life was  at the beginning when she (Malorie) felt secure and safe in the hands of the man she loved and a small group of people that survived the so called “creature.”

One might be confused when hearing the words “creature” and “suicide”as the two don’t sound like they would go hand-in-hand, so here’s some background. Basically, there is this creature, but people aren’t sure what it is, but when they see it, it makes them go crazy and kill themselves; the only way to survive is by wearing a blindfold and not looking at this “thing” or “creature.”

The story as a whole was very well put together and very original. One never would have thought of this story being the way that the world could end. It brings in imagination and invokes fear because it makes you think “what if something like this happens in real life?” It keeps you interested because of how it switches timelines, which makes you want to finish it to see how it ends. It attaches you emotionally because of how the main character falls in love, so you worry about their well-being. And overall, it is worth a watch, not only because of all the emotions it invokes, but also because of the way it ends. “Bird Box” was a very good compilation of action, thrilling/suspenseful events, and love scenes. All three of those put together made for one very enjoyable movie.