‘Good Girls’ is not so good

Good Girls is not so good

The recent show on Netflix, “Good Girls” was overall a fun show to watch, but there were not good morals taught throughout the season. With the good acting and an interesting plot idea, these ten episodes keep you intrigued, although the underlying theme isn’t exactly something you would want your kids to be learning.

Top critic Guy Pewsey enjoys the show and says, “’Good Girls’ is smart, funny and impossibly watchable thanks to the excellent cast of three actors at their best.”

According to IMdB, “Good Girls” is the story of three suburban mothers who suddenly find themselves in desperate circumstances and decide to stop playing it safe and risk everything to take their power back. Basically this means they have to rob banks and do other illegal “projects” to get the money they need to support their family. While this show keeps you interested and intrigued, it does not teach good morals.

This show strongly supports feminist values. The whole reason these women get into this dangerous business is because their husbands are not doing their job to support their children and their household. So, the women decide to step up and get money instead of waiting around for someone to do it for them. Personally, the feminist values portrayed in this are appealing to me, but the idea of stealing to support your family isn’t as appealing.

I am not trying to put out the idea that this show is not good because of the bad morals, because it is definitely worth a watch because it is intriguing and doesn’t fail to keep the adventure up. Another top critic, Ed Bark says, “For now, the three lead performances are uniformly winning while the pacing is bracingly brisk.”

Overall the show did not have good lessons, but it had a very interesting theme and I would suggest giving it a watch.