Sucker for Jonas Brothers’ new song

The Jonas Brothers are back with a top song, “Sucker.” Released six years after they went their separate ways, they reunited and came back with maybe one of their best songs yet.

Their song “Sucker” clearly has a different sound compared to the songs they made in their teens and twenties. It’s more mature and it has edge to it. By more mature, I mean it shows that all three are married or deeply in love, which is probably why the song is about being a “sucker for love.” It keeps a consistent beat and each of their individual sounds mix really well together.

The chorus starts slow and eventually continues to go faster, which could be part of the reason it is such a fun song to listen to.  It’s track consists of pure adoration carried by subtle rock instrumentals and an infectious whistle-heavy chorus. The song, likely composed as a love letter to the brothers’ real life partners, is composed of emotional weight and an internal understanding buried underneath smooth vocal performances and carefree songwriting.

It is evident in the lyrics that the song reflects the boys’ love life. Nick and Joe trade lead vocalist throughout the song and both sing of changing their ways to please their significant other. Instead of “stumbling out of bars and dancing on top of cars” the boys don’t seem to mind being a “sucker” for their ladies now that each have found a forever love.  

Their hit song “Sucker” has a poppy sound that seems to be a mix of the sound from their previous material, influenced by Joe’s DNCE tracks and a Maroon 5 vibe to the song as well. The song has an uncomplicated funky chorus that one would find extremely catchy.

Overall the pop bro trio made a very enjoyable and respectable comeback after a long six years without their music. They came back with a highly-anticipated, love-centered single, “Sucker” and it managed to be a top hit even days after it was released. The Jonas Brothers made a very lasting impression with their amazing comeback.