Review: Twenty One Pilots new song “Level of Concern”

Twenty One Pilots, a musical duo that has changed the way live music is perceived has released a new song, “Level of Concern.” The song was released on April 9 to all music platforms including a music video on YouTube. 

The song has reached 34,799,228 streams on Spotify and the music video has been viewed 23 million times on YouTube as of May 4. It is clear that the song has taken off since its release date. The popularity of the song is well deserved. 

Twenty One Pilots, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun produced the song while in quarantine. The music video shows Joseph and Dun sending one another a hard drive back and forth as they record their song. The music video helps display the life of quarantine as the duo demonstrates social distancing due to COVID-19. When this is pictured in the music video, it pushes the audience to feel a sort of emotional connection with Joseph and Dun, since it shows that everyone is in the same situation. I like that the band tried to make this connection with their audience because it makes it more personal. 

This emotional connection in the music video transfers over to the lyrics of the song. 

The lyrics mention “panic in the brain, world has gone insane.” 

This lyric directly refers to the current situation of the world in dealing with COVID-19. The rest of the lyrics in the song create a balance for the listener by displaying that everyone is in the same boat at this point in time. In a way, the song can be seen as a form of hope since it directly refers to COVID-19. The song also mentions the word “quarantine” quite often as well, which I feel just gives the listener a sense of understanding that everyone is experiencing quarantine together.  

The lyrics of “Level of Concern” when coupled with the music video influence the listeners as they are brought to think about their own current situation. Besides the song relating to the world being in quarantine, the beat of the song is upbeat and pushes the listener to bob one’s head as they listen. As the reader enjoys the music, they can begin to hear how “Level of Concern” can be seen as the light at the end of the tunnel. There is a sort of security created when the listener can relate to people that they may see much bigger than themselves. 

The song provides a catchy vibe and is a sound that could easily be put on repeat. 

The chorus of the song presents this lyric: “Just need you to tell me we’re alright, tell me we’re okay, yeah”. 

This part of the song provides a sense of security for the listener as Joseph and Dun are telling their audience that everything will end up being okay at the end of the world’s pandemic since they are answering their own question by implying that everything will be okay. 

The song “Level of Concern” by Twenty One Pilots is worth taking a listen to since it is a song of hope. Joseph and Dun provide an edgy, but calming feeling for their listener. When the song is heard while watching the music video, it brings to picture the idea that every single person is being impacted by the pandemic. This new song release is a great way to calm down and release stress as one can just vibe with the beat and lyrics.