A-West alumni support school

A-West alumni have a new way to keep in touch with the school they still have love for. The Arvada West High School foundation is a group of 13 committed alumni that come together to raise money, keep up on current news, and hold fundraisers for the school. The foundation began in 2012, and has the primary goal of providing support for school alumni, according to Bill Ashton, the foundation’s treasurer.

The foundation’s most recent project is surrounding the flagpole on the south side of the school. According to Ashton, the foundation is reviving the production of memorial and honorary bricks around the flagpole, an operation which was started in 2007 but had never been finished. “From 2007 to 2013, there was no production of the bricks. We took it upon ourselves to talk with Principal Bishop about the situation, and he approved us to restart the tradition.”

The bricks can be in memory of a loved one who attended the school, or in honor of past students.  “All the past principals have one, and Bishop has one as well. I even have one for myself,” states Ashton. The biggest goal for the brick project titled “Walk of the Wildcats,” is  a “celebration of the 50 year history of Arvada West High School,” says John P. Jones, a graduate from the class of 1983. The AWHS foundation hopes to have 100 bricks by June of 2013. Bricks ordered by this deadline will be installed in August of 2013.

The foundation also plans to give away three $1,000 scholarships to three highly qualified applicants who will be awarded scholarships based on grades, community service, work experience, GPA,and  ACT/SAT scores. Applicants also have to have recommendation letters for the scholarship. The foundation has a committee of five to look over the 11 applicants and choose the winning three. The foundation also has plans to make a hall of fame for alumni, a 50 year highlight DVD, and partake in the annual Arvada Harvest Festival Parade taking place on September 7, 2013.