Vice principal John Morey multitasks jobs

   “No two days are ever the same!” That is what John Morey stated on a regular old Wednesday block day. For instance, on that normal Wednesday the ambulance was outside of school, Morey had to follow up on that incident and make sure everything was going back to normal. He also goes to Classrooms and recognizes the good behavior in students, offering them positive reinforcement to do well and finish strong.

   Another responsibility Morey takes on is lunch duty. Although this does not seem to be the most exciting part of Morey’s day it is one of the most crucial parts of being an administrator. Morey takes on this responsibility for both lunches. While on the job of lunch duty Morey spends the fifteen minute period on normal days and one hour period on block days between lunches picking up the trash left from students during first lunch so that the cafeteria is presentable for the second lunch students.

   Practical jokes are another ordeal Morey handles on a daily basis. He is very good at dealing with those in a positive manner. Morey caps off his day by sending out the auto dialer to the parents of the students, reminding them of an event that is happening at school or simply to notify parents if their child has a D or F in one or more of their classes.

   At the end of the day Morey is a very worn out guy who is always looking forward to whatever the next day is ready to bring his way. He is always willing to tackle a challenge and always willing to help someone out.