Brody hits a home run, signs to Iowa

Tessa Dryke, Editor-in-Chief

The time has come for many high school seniors to apply for college. A lot of pressure falls on seniors this time of year, especially the athletes, because now is the time to decide whether or not to play college sports. When signing day comes it is a bittersweet moment for some athletes attending college and participating in the school sports. It ends their high school career, but marks a new beginning, the start of a college athlete lifestyle; however, for Brody Hagel-Pitt, the decision was an easy one.
It is hard to miss Hagel-Pitt in the hallways. Standing over six feet tall, many would think his sport is basketball, but since the age of two Hagel-Pitt has been playing baseball. He dedicated his high school sports career to baseball. All his hard work and perseverance is now paying off.
As he closes out his senior year, he laments that it is his last season of high school baseball. Since sophomore year, Hagel-Pitt has been on the A-West varsity baseball team. His first day throwing for varsity is still the most memorable moment for him. But his future will still include playing the sport he loves. With the support of his family, Hagel-Pitt feels like he made the right choice when he signed to attend Iowa Western Community College with a scholarship that pays for 70% of his expenses. He looks forward to the college atmosphere and to taking his love for baseball to the next level.
“Once you get to college, you get serious, I mean it’s serious now, but college is a way different level,” explains Hagel-Pitt.
Hagel-Pitt had many offers from other schools, but none as good as Iowa’s; it also does not hurt that it is close to his family and it is top five in the nation.