Going for the Grade


Photo courtesy of Bryan Suchey

Aydin Valaski, Reporter

Most high school students aspire to maintain good grades throughout their four year experience. For seniors Aysha Asueva and Bryan Suchey that dream became a reality when they became two of the eight valedictorians of the 2017 class.


According to Asueva, to become a valedictorian at A-West, “You have to have taken eight AP or honors classes throughout your four years of high school, and you have to take two AP or honors classes your senior year, and you have to maintain a perfect 4.0 GPA, so all A’s, all four years, unweighted.”


While many people believe maintaining good grades is about studying all the time, Suchey shares, “I believe it’s much more important to work really hard throughout the unit instead of just relying on studying for the test. It’s way more important to actually try on every homework assignment and do it thoroughly, that’s when you really learn it.”

Some might wonder why these devotees work so hard just for a title, for Suchey, it was about the journey through high school. He explains, “It’s a celebration at the end. It’s a final recognition of all this hard work finally, in a way, paying off. It’s really the recognition to myself of hey I did this, I completed my goal, and that’s what I’m most excited for, going up in front of the school as being a valedictorian. I completed my own goal. I didn’t do it for the teachers, I didn’t do it for my parents, I did it for myself.”


For Asueva, she says the title, ‘Valedictorian,’ doesn’t mean that much to her. She shares, “All the hard work I’ve put into my studying means a lot more than just the title I’m given.”


Since Valedictorians are not required to make a speech this year, both seniors share what they would say if they gave a speech to their class on graduation day.


Suchey says, “I would tell a story about the connections I made with classmates and teachers, and just the bonds I’ve made.”  While Asueva would congratulate her peers for all their hard work.


Most people struggle to get through high school while maintaining good grades and finding time for life outside of school, but these students excelled at balancing school work with their personal lives.
High school is four long years of hard work, but in the end going for the grade is what matters.