Student Council Elections: Nicole Asuquo, student body vice president


Nicole Asuquo, currently a sophomore at Arvada West, has a big change she plans to bring to Arvada West High School. She plans to highlight this change in her campaign to become student body vice president of the Arvada West Student Council in the 2018-2019 school year.

Asuquo is a firm believer in sharing and listening to what others have to say. “There’s so many different groups, and you can get left behind if you don’t speak up. So I want to make sure that…our school has a lot of input from its students and their voices are heard.”

She as well as her campaign partner, Amaya Brooks’, campaign strategy is to complete the first step of their slogan, “Connect, grow, go.”They want to interact with people, participate in school events, get involved, and make people feel appreciated.

“Our campaign strategy is honestly just to connect with people. Going out and  holding doors, and greeting people ‘Good morning’, and seeing how people are that you don’t normally talk to,” Asuquo states.

Originally, her campaign partner was the inspiration she needed to run. Asuquo agreed because of her belief that she has “… a lot to bring to it.” Asuquo served as freshman class president in her first year at Arvada West.

She sees herself as the right choice for student body vice president because “I think my passion for people is what really makes me qualified for this job,” she says.

She also thinks that a dual campaign will get their “vision” out there and present the opportunity of reaching more people, as they are involved in different extracurricular acitivities, besides Student Council. Asuquo is a member of the National Honors Society, and Brooks is a member of the theatre program.

“Running together would be beneficial because you have more, I guess, publicity from different groups,” she reasons.

Although she says she has not accomplished much, individually, in her two years in Student Council she believes that, “…vice president is an opportunity for that … and I don’t want there to be the misconception that you have to be in student council, or you have to be in a position of power to get change done. You can do change from where you’re at, whoever you are, but for this type of purpose, I feel like I can do more.”

She is a strong believer in the 5 Star Student app that was recently implemented. The 5 Star app, available to all, allows students to vote on things involving the school and its decisions. She plans to use this plan and similar ones often in the role she is running for, in order to carry out her goal of giving the students more of a say in what goes on at Arvada West.