Student Council Elections: Emma Borchers, sophomore class president

The small north wing classroom, N100, is jam-packed with Arvada West Student Council (StuCo) members during fifth period every day. This is the place where students meet to plan A-West events, augment their leadership skills and participate in a meaningful and stimulating high school experience. Among these dedicated students is current freshman Emma Borchers, a candidate for sophomore class president this year.

Borchers has spent her first year of high school in StuCo, and in that time has taken part in several projects, including the organization of the Homecoming royalty committee and Wish Week. She could have been seen earlier this year decorating and setting up for the dances, such as Homecoming and Neon Nights, as well as preparing events such as the student-teacher basketball game and movie night.

“I help out inside and outside of school with just anything that I can,” Borchers says.

Her involvement in these activities, as well as Arvada West volleyball and basketball teams, are a part of what she believes qualifies her for the position of sophomore class president.

“[I want] to get everyone else more involved in everything,” she responds when asked what she would plan to improve with the acquirement of her position.

Participation and inclusion seem to be two of her biggest values. Her goals include publicizing little-known clubs and activities, encouraging higher attendance school events, and reaching out to students who seem excluded.

“The groups of people who are unknown or something or not very many people talk to them,” Borchers explains, “I feel like we could reach out to them more.”

She takes a very personal approach to the issue by suggesting she and her peers make an extended effort to talk and befriend them on her own time at school. Friendliness is another quality she possesses that she considers a positive trait in a leader.

“I don’t let anything really get me down,” she says with a smile, “and I try to make everyone else as happy and positive as possible.”

In terms of her experience, Borchers has been to several leadership conferences, which she claims have helped her to “step out of her comfort zone and learn different things to do to be a leader.”

She has also participated in a version of Student Council at her school ever since fifth grade, so she is used to a position of leading and working with her fellow students.

Her campaign posters can be seen all across A-West hallways, and she promises that if she is elected she will improve Arvada West by making everyone more involved and included.

Student government elections will be held on April 19, and Borchers hopes her fellow students will consider casting their votes toward her and her vision for A-West.