Student Council Elections: Jordan Martinez, junior class president


“My thing is Let’s go places,” Sophomore Jordan Martinez says about her campaign for junior class president. The 2018 Arvada West Student Council (StuCo) elections are right around the corner.

When not campaigning for junior class president, Martinez can be found dribbling basketballs, serving volleyballs, and running the Arvada West Blood Drive.  Jordan volunteers at her sister’s school, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art. While Martinez does not want to have a career in art, she enjoys the opportunity to give back.  Jordan aspires to become an FBI agent one day. “I have always wanted to help people,” Martinez says while talking about student leadership and her future.

Jordan has been part of StuCo since her freshman year. She is currently sophomore class president and hoping to build on her StuCo experience by becoming the junior class president.

When talking about being in StuCo Martinez says, “It’s not really helping people, but it’s being involved”.  Although Jordan does not have a slogan or campaign platform she understands the junior class president’s main responsibility is planning prom. She’s planning on making some changes to the 2019 AWest prom if elected.

Martinez does not have a role model, but she follows in the footsteps of her aunt who participated in StuCo during her high school career. “I do it, because my aunt used to do it and she got a lot out of it.”  Martinez wants to make the most out this experience. “I’m just hoping I get a lot out of it”.

Many teachers at Arvada West advise students to make goals for everything from school work to extracurricular activities, including StuCo. “Well for one, more experience, and being more involved, and getting the opportunities that normally most people don’t get to do” Martinez replies after being asked what she hopes to gain from StuCo.

The sophomore class president has many responsibilities, mainly organizing and planning the annual Blood Drive that A-West hosts in February. “The event that I ran, was different then what we had last year.” She said referring to the February blood drive which was a success.

“You just have to throw it all out there,” Martinez says as advice for any student that wants to join StuCo or wants to be a leader.