Supporting students


A-West English teacher Angela Dryer talks with students.

Welcome to one of the many A-West classrooms, N202. With English teacher Angela Dryer, there will be sympathy with students having a difficult time or even just needing someone to talk to. Dryer is a teacher of support and will let students be in her classroom whenever times are rough as well as just having that comfort when students need it.

What made her be there for students was because she was having a hard time in school as she said “I remember what it was like to struggle in school myself, feel alone and struggle. This is why I wanted to become a teacher. I want to show students that there is someone at the school who cares about them for who they are,to actually see them.”

Dryer describes herself as the type of person to be energetic, charismatic, driven, passionate. She chooses to always give to others before taking care of herself.

In the article Improving Students’ Relationships with Teachers to Provide Essential Supports for Learning, talks about how there are some teachers being supportive and they start to develop a strong personal connection with their student and it helps in the long run. It states in the article that  Sara Rimm-Kaufman added,The student is likely to trust her teacher more, show more engagement in learning, behave better in class and achieve at higher levels academically.” 

This shows meaning of  a close relationship with a teacher will benefit the student in the long run.

Dryer will support students and they could always go to her. When she has free time she wants to be around the students as Dryer says “I always decide to spend time with students because I want them to feel comfortable and at home. Even when I have to get work done, I always tell students they are welcome, but that I need to focus.”

She wants to let students know that she is there for them and her classroom is open at anytime students need.

Having the personality Dryer has helps her relate and understand what students are going through. As she mentioned,“I think I’m so open about who I am and I don’t hide my personal life. This helps students to see that even I have bad days and that I don’t know things and that it is all just part of me, so they can either accept it or not. I’m also honest and will confront students when there is a problem. I don’t beat around the bush with students that are problems in the room – I cut through their stories and get to the meat. They will either endorse that or not.”

She understands what students go through and that helps bring the bond closer.