Newfound venture, über das meer

Imagine coming to a new, foreign country. Scared? Intrigued? This is sophomore Nina Marchler’s reality.

Marchler is an exchange student who recently came to the United States from Austria for the 2018-2019 school year for the purpose of studying. At age fifteen Marchler has traversed across the ocean from her homeland to Arvada, Colorado.   

Marchler has plenty to say about life in the United States. The majority of her comments were positive.

Marchler states, “The people here are really friendly and open.”

Marchler also states that many people have been interested in getting to know her and her culture.  

That’s not all Marchler has to say. When asked about the academic atmosphere of the American school system and how it compares to hers in Austria, one of the differences she states is the lack of pride for their schools she sees in Austria.

The people here are really friendly and open.

— Nina Marchler

“The school system is so different, but I like it,” states Marchler. “Austria does not have school spirit or the same classes every day. Here, you know different people as you have classes with different people,” she continues.

In contrast to Arvada West, which prides itself on school spirit, the Austrian perfidious attitude seems otherworldly. Jingoism certainly is unique to A-West.

Marchler hopes to continue to enjoy her stay, and even grow to love Arvada West. After a year she must return home, but she would like to come back when she’s older, and experience even more of what the United States has to offer.