A-West sophomore plays three sports


Photo courtesy of Macy Reams.

Macy Reams is a sophomore at A-West and she plays three sports; volleyball, basketball, and track. Reams says that she likes playing those sports because “It gives me something to do. And, I like staying in shape.”

Reams also likes playing the different sports because one sport helps her to succeed in another.

“I know that basketball helps a lot in track, because running up and down the court was a lot.”

But, with doing so many sports, Reams has had to deal with juggling her school work and sports.

“I definitely get a lot less sleep, especially in volleyball, where we’re required to stay for all the games. So, then, you get home late and barely have time to finish all your homework. And we’re supposed to try and get our homework done while the other teams are playing, but you can barely focus on your homework during the games. But my grades haven’t really been affected because I learn how to manage my time and still get my work done.” 

Photo courtesy of Macy Reams.

With all the sports Reams plays, she does not have a choice on if she can play with a club team.

“I can’t play with a club team because, with all the different sports that I play, I don’t have time to just focus on both. If I played with a club volleyball team then I couldn’t play basketball.”

Reams’ favorite sport she plays is volleyball. She likes to play the other sports as well because “I honestly think I’d get bored if I just played volleyball. Plus, I kind of have a different group of friends for each sport I play and if I didn’t play that sport, I probably wouldn’t be able to see those people as much.”