Student Council Elections: Molly Johnston, junior class president


Macy Stevens

Junior class president candidate Molly Johnston.

Editor’s note: These profiles are designed to give the student body a better look into the candidates that are running for sophomore class president, junior class president, senior class president, and student body and student body vice president. Voting will be open from Thursday, April 11 at 6:00 a.m. through Friday, April 12 at 3:00 p.m. and can be done through this link. 

“Let’s be the change, let’s build a community!” Molly Johnston, sophomore at A-West is running for junior class president. This is her first year in student council and she is really hoping for this opportunity.

As the junior class president Johnston would really love to “change the spirit days because not many students participated in them, and I want to change that by making more enjoyable spirit days to really build a stronger community within the school.”  

Johnston describes herself as a “great leader.”

“I am very organized and I am good with people, so I’m able to delegate without completely taking over projects or discussions. I really try to make sure everyone has a chance to give their input and ideas and I try to make everyone feel appreciated,” she says.

“I think the experiences I’ve gone through these past two years and the people I’ve met are what have made me a good leader. They’ve showed me what the difference between a good leader and a great leader is and they have shown me the unshakable power of kindness, and how it really makes the world go round.”

At the beginning of the year Johnston was on the homecoming tailgate committee. “I was in charge of the decorations for it, and put decorations on lockers to promote it,” Johnston says.

“Next I was also on the committee for Neon Nights where I helped with decorations and advertisements and I am now on prom committee. On prom committee I have been making advertisements and taking notes on how to delegate tasks for this event since I’m wanting to be junior class president and the junior class president is in charge of the event.”

Johnston was selected to be a part of a Student Leadership Team at her church, where she plans mission trips and other service activities. Johnston is involved in many extracurriculars and is also striving to be valedictorian with her several AP and honors classes. She is part of Sparkles, HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America), Link Crew and girls tennis. She also volunteers at the library and has a job.  

Helping others fills my heart and it motivates me to be a better person every day.”

— Molly Johnston

“These have taught me not only skills like time management, responsibility, leadership and organization, but they have taught me to always be kind because behind every face is a story that could use a little more love.”

“I absolutely love StuCo with all my heart,” says Johnston. She says being in student council has taught her to be a better leader and showed her what true leadership is. She enjoys planning events for student council, even when it gets stressful. 

“What motivates me most about these events is we are providing an enjoyable experience for the student body, allowing them to build connections and become closer which is my biggest goal. Sometimes planning events can be very stressful, but I always try to find where my help is needed so that the events can be executed efficiently and well.”

“I truly love helping people. I have always had a heart for other people and helping others. Helping others fills my heart and it motivates me to be a better person everyday.”