A-West principal discusses new changes for school

Geree Santarelli was recently promoted from interim principal to principal of Arvada West High School. This move comes after the departure of Dr. Robert Bishop who was principal since the summer of 2006. Santarelli’s move comes after a long history of education, teaching science in Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas. After teaching she became the dean of Cherry Creek students, and finally settled her roots in Arvada West in 1999 as an Assistant Principal. Santarelli is married to the athletic director at Pomona and the mother to four kids, all of whom have graduated from A-West.

Santarelli loves it here at A-West. She spends a lot of time outside the school assisting in school events. She has done it all, from activities to assessments and scheduling.

With a new principal behind the wheel, Arvada West can expect some changes in the classroom.

“Kids today learn different from previous classes. Technology is such a big part of your lives. We need to adapt to that,” said Santarelli. 

The use of technology in the classroom has increased recently. Kahoot and Quizlet are excellent examples of sites that teachers use when educating. Santarelli says teachers should be adapting to students’ needs. Being reflective in your practice is monumental for Santarelli.

She asked,”If it didn’t work first period, then why would it work second, third, fourth period?”

A-West is a very diverse school, and the district is pushing the skill sets that students need to be successful. Santarelli also wants to bring in more electives. In the upcoming school year, there may be a business teacher in the building.

“I want to give students more opportunities, outside the building for internships so they can plan on careers post high-school,” said Santarelli.