John Keleman: Junior Class President


Q: What position are you running for? Why?

A: Junior Class President. I enjoy being on the officer board because we do the extra things in student council, kind of the behind the scenes things. I also like representing my class.


Q: What is an area of concern that you’ve decided to address? How did you identify this need?

A: I’ve been focusing on inclusivity. I think that especially with social media and the current world it’s so easy to exclude people, and so I think that’s really something that we could focus on in our school and just making people feel appreciated for who they are.


Q: What is your slogan?

A: He’s got a heart, he’s got a vision, voting for John is the right decision.


Q: What are some of your qualifications for this?

A: I was freshman and am currently sophomore class president. I’m also a member of link crew, I’m in NHS, and I was the captain of my soccer team.


Q: What are some extracurricular activities you do?

A: I’ve played soccer all my life;I really enjoy doing that. I enjoy track, and I also like helping around the community, I volunteer a lot through NHS.


Q: What is your campaigning strategy?

A: Most people try and campaign in the three weeks that is designated campaigning, but my strategy is campaigning based on my behavior and how I treat people throughout the year. It’s more than just the three weeks of campaigning, which is also important, and I’ve been making stickers and posters. [But] I’m looking for the more personal vote and just trying to represent myself throughout the year and making those bonds with people so that they will vote for me.


Q: How has your past role in STUCO helped you to run for office?

A: I’ve had leadership positions and with that I’ve coordinated a blood drive and staff appreciation week, so I already have experience coordinating events within the school and with other groups. Junior class president does prom and so I would have some experience leading into that.