Teagan Tucker: Sophomore Class President

Teagan Tucker: Sophomore Class President

Q: What position are you running for and why?

A: “I’m running for sophomore class president because I think I can make our sophomore year more fun and I think that my opinion on the officer board and student council would help make events more effective  and fun.”


Q: What is your main area of concern?

A: My main area of concern is school spirit, I’ve heard from a lot of people that they feel like people’s opinions outside of stucco don’t get taken into account as much. I also want to to work on school spirit and working on events to make something they actually want to see there


Q: Do you have a slogan?

A: Don’t be a sucker, vote for Tegan Tucker!


Q: How are you qualified to run for president?

A:  I’m really well organized and I have really good ideas,  I’m very creative, I come up with a lot of good ideas and I have good problem solving to make them happen and good logic to make sure things aren’t to over the top or crazy.


Q: Do you have any outside school clubs or sports you take part in?

A:  I’m part of a horseback riding organization called Westernaires that teaches kids from 9-19, leadership skills and teamwork. I’ve been captain of multiple teams, and when we go to traveling shows I help organize and it’s a really cool opportunity. 


Q: What’s your main campaign strategy?

A:  I just listen to people, and a lot of kids in my connections class have told me what they want to happen so I’m just trying to address those in my speech and in my video, showing them that I support their ideas.


Q: How has the past role in STUCO helped you run?

A: Working on staff appreciation week, helped me learn how to balance tasks at once, and logistics from planning an event which can help me if I become class president, which can help make events better.


Q: What is something about you that you want people to know about this upcoming election?

A: I’m a very hard worker but I also like to have fun, so I can make events fun so that people want to go there.


Q: What is something that you are very passionate about or hobbies you take part in?

A: I’m very passionate about kindness and school spirit helps take part in that because if people want to come to school, they are going to be better people. And I  think fun events help encourage kindness.