Aubrey Delgado: Junior Class President


Q: What position are you running for? Why?

A: I am running for Junior Class President because I feel like as Student Council, we can include the student body more. Right now, I feel like the student body does not have as much of a say as they could.


Q: What is an area of concern that you’ve decided to address? How did you identify this need?

A:  An area of concern is the fact that Student Council’s decisions are so isolated from the student body, even though our events are for them. I think the student body should get more say about these decisions.


Q: What is your slogan?

A: When asked, Delgado says she does not have a slogan.


Q: What are some of your qualifications for this?

A: I have had past leadership roles in Student Council and work hard with the committee heads. I also do track and basketball.


Q: What are some extracurricular activities you do?

A: I do track and basketball. 


Q: What is your campaigning strategy?

A: When asked, Delgado says she does not have a campaigning strategy. 


Q: How has your past role in StuCo helped you to run for office?

A:  I am really vocal inside Student Council. I help whenever something is needed and I work closely with the committee heads.