Kennedy Howard: Senior Class President


Q: What position are you running for and why?

A: I’m running for senior class president because I’m really passionate about leadership and I’ve always wanted to take on a bigger role in student council. I started with secretary and I’m currently doing that this year, and I think senior class president would be an incredible step up, especially since it has to do with homecoming and is more focused on the spirit aspect of the school.


Q: What is an area of concern you’ve decided to address?

A: One scenario of concern I’ve decided to address is the lack of community and unity in our school so I really want to make an event that highlights each aspect of the school and why they’re so important to our Arvada West culture, and maybe even start working on making a spirit week that would highlight these different aspects.


Q: What is your slogan?

A: My slogan is push pebbles, create avalanche


Q: What are your qualifications for this position?

A: I’ve been working with leadership since I was in middle school. I started on our school’s peace committee which planned dances and events and stuff like that, and then from there I moved and I did an intensive camp over a week where you spend it with other leaders learning different strategies to become someone who is worthy of leading. Then, I joined student council my sophomore year and I’ve been working with it ever since.


Q: What extracurricular activities do you participate in?

A: I usually do theater, but I decided to let theater go for this semester so I could really focus on the campaign, but other than that I really just focus on academics.


Q: What is your campaigning strategy?

A: My campaigning strategy is just getting my voice out there and letting myself be heard, making sure I’m known to other people and my ideas are known and trying to answer questions whenever someone asks.


Q: What past leadership roles have you had?

A: My eighth grade year, I took on more of a leadership role and helped lead dance and such. Then going into STUCO, I spent my first year as a representative. Then at end of my sophomore year I ran for secretary, which is an in class position, so I run a lot of the community stuff and the website and I’ve also worked as manager for theatre a couple times.


Q: How has your past role in STUCO helped you run for office?

A: It’s a culmination of everything I learned, like tiny little lessons that have built up to something I want to bring into my senior year in order to make it really unique to my class, the class of 2021. Also, enjoying the company of people and getting to know them as well as having people go “ Oh, your in STUCO, can I learn about this school more” and just being able to talk.


Q: How would you describe your personality?

A: I feel like a very fun loving person. I take a second to warm up to people sometimes, but when I do, I’m willing to be close with them and talk to them a lot. I’m always sympathetic, I always try to understand other people’s perspectives and I just really care how people feel.