When do birthdays stop becoming important 


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

From a young age we are indoctrinated to celebrate and cherish one day a year that is devoted to us, our birthday. However, it always seems as though people stop caring and actually start to dread their birthday each year as they get older. When does something that was once so special become something we try to avoid?

The simple answer would be the fact that nobody likes to be constantly reminded of the fact that they are aging. Little kids love the idea of growing up and can not wait for their birthdays each year, but so many adults just don’t find the appeal the way they used to. Teenagers are stuck in the middle with this issue and could really easily see both sides to this. 

Freshman Haley Deison explains, “I think as you get older there’s less milestone ages and it’s just another year, and things aren’t as exciting as they were when you were a child, but I do still enjoy my birthday because I’m still on the young side.” 

There is a point in time where people do not want to get older and see reaching a certain age as a negative thing instead of positive in the way that children do. 

Nadia Kurenyova with Theme Parties Toronto states, “Of course as adults a birthday also means getting one year older, which is probably not the most exciting day, but for kids it’s a day they reach a new milestone filled with new opportunities and more possibilities.”

It is so common for young children to have parties and celebrate their birthdays, but rarely any adults even think twice about having a celebration for theirs. It is almost frowned upon for adults to celebrate their birthday after they get to a certain age. Many people of all ages however just do not enjoy their birthdays and never have.

Vanesssa Van Edwards with Science Of People explains that, “Our birthdays cause us to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, who we’ve become, what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same. This reflection sometimes can cause disappointment; maybe you didn’t meet that goal you had set for yourself on your last birthday, or perhaps you wish you had made different choices along the way.”

What is known as the “birthday blues” is quite common among people of all ages where they are upset around their birthday rather than happy. They see birthdays as a constant negative reminder of all the bad when it should be seen as the best day of everyone’s lives. 

Whether it has to do with age or it is just a bad reminder, too many people often see birthdays as something negative when it should be the complete opposite. This one day each year should be celebrated and seen as important to people of all ages no matter what. Teenagers should not be imprinted anymore with the idea that birthdays are not important and a waste of time because it just causes unnecessary negativity.