Three easy ways to be active during Covid-19


Jogging is a simple way to start getting active, improving mental and physical health.

With a global pandemic, it is difficult to squeeze in a few minutes to work out. With many A-West students still conducting school work and some balancing a job with their personal lives, working out might not be on the top of their priority list. However, just a few minutes a day of activity can greatly improve your mental and physical state.

Edward R. Laskowski, a Sports medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic says that “Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious.” 

Which for students can mean after a long day of stressing about school work, exercising can help relieve that stress and make them more relaxed.

From the same article, it says that “Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. And when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to tackle daily chores.”  

Considering that A-West’s first-period class starts at 7:45 am for some students, waking up a few minutes earlier and conducting small exercises, can greatly improve and boost energy levels, helping students take on the rest of their day.

Here are some simple and easy ways to stay healthy:

Number one: Walking up a set of stairs.

With most homes having a set of stairs,  it is easy to make a workout routine around the stairs. Even if there is not a set in your home, a local park or  Red Rocks amphitheater works great with its large amount of stairs and the good views. Running up and down the stairs will help you with your cardiovascular system, which can help blood circulation and strengthen the heart. It can also help work out the legs by using muscles like glutes, hamstrings, calf muscles, and core muscles. 

Number two: Jogging 

Jogging is simple work. Starting by jogging around a neighborhood, or a park nearby. You could also go to Red Rocks amphitheater, which has miles of trails to jog. Start small by jogging around an hour a day and slowly start working your way up to 2 and even 3 hours of jogging a day. 

 “Jogging can also help you improve your heart health and immune system, reduce insulin resistance, cope with stress and depression, and maintain flexibility as you age,” says Healthline, a site that specializes in health-related news.

Considering that most people are still cooped up inside, jogging is beneficial to a wide range of ages as it benefits your physical and mental health.

Number three: Simple workout equipment

With all the gyms and recreation areas shut down still, it is possible to buy home workout equipment, at a relatively low cost. Amazon is a great place to find all the necessary equipment required to start. With pull up bars that can be hooked onto your door frame, resistance bands, foldable bench press sets and a set of dumbbells could all be bought for around $250. This is cheaper than the annual membership fee at a normal franchise fitness center.

It is possible to avoid buying all the equipment and build a home gym. Pullup bars can be easily made with ¾ plumber pipe and a couple of pieces of two by fours. This is cost-effective and can be built off of personal preference.

With an at-home gym costing less than an actual gym membership, it gives the freedom to choose what one may want to work out too. For example, if one wants to work on their legs, they can buy equipment and make a routine for their legs. With the benefits of this being cheaper, depending on what equipment is bought than an annual gym membership your gym can come to your home.

It is important to continue to stay healthy during Covid-19. The combination of working out and eating healthy can improve mental health, strengthen the immune system, and can help keep the body healthy, during these inactive times.