100 percent return for Jefferson County schools


Photo by Mira Kireeva on Unsplash

Jefferson County schools will be open for in-person schooling in the blink of an eye. On April 5 all hybrid students in Jefferson County will be returning to 100% in-person learning. 

Chloe Waskey, a guest commentator for The Denver Post wrote an article about Jefferson County returning to in-person schooling. In the article, Chloe mentions the time COVID began, “On March 13th, 2020 the world of Jefferson County Public Schools began a two-week school shutdown initiative to help reduce the spread of COVID 19.”

 Almost a year and many COVID restrictions later, Jefferson County schools have found a way for students to return to 100% in person. 

A-West principal Geree Santereli states, “I am very excited about having students back in the building. Our building is so quiet so I look forward to more energy and buzz in the building. Just the energy students bring to the building just makes the days seem brighter and happier. We know the majority of students learn and engage better in the in-person environment and after a year of this hybrid/remote instruction, it is a nice transition to some resemblance. of normalcy. I know many teachers are concerned with maintaining the 3-foot distance called for by the JCPH but I believe we have a good plan moving forward. It may mean moving some teachers around but certainly doable.” 

 There are going to be strict regulations and rules students and teachers will have to follow in the new environment of in-person schooling. 

Students have mixed emotions about returning to school because of COVID. 

“Most kids are afraid of returning to in-person learning because of the COVID-19 situation but I think that it is good because 2020 and 2021 have been a challenging year for everyone. U.S. students have suffered from depression and lack of motivation for school. I am excited for the return to school because it is one step closer to a normal lifestyle,” states junior at A-West, Madisen Jenkins. 

Depression and lack of motivation increased once remote learning was 100% in action. Students engage better in class and in school when in person because there are fewer distractions rather than there would be at home says The Virtual Guide.

“To begin with, I am 100% behind getting students back to school. I feel you all need social contact and I am not too concerned about an increase in COVID cases,” mentions Clark Grose, a science teacher at A-West. 

Socialization during times like this is essential for everyone. Student completion rates of teacher-led classes are almost 5x higher than online learning classes as found in The Virtual Divide

On April 5,  Jeffco Schools will return to a normal lifestyle. This may open a door for worry for some, but a door will also open for students to fully engage in their learning.