A new event is becoming school tradition: A-West Top Model


The A-West Top model competition caught the attention of many on Thursday evening of March 19. The competition was a chance for many students to be creative and bring attention to a club or activity at the school. 

As part of the Top Model Competition, A-West put on a talent show that included amazing acts, such as two singing performances, improv, and even comedy. The participants were Amelie Bauer, Alex Larson, Jane Pool, Annika Sovold, and Reed Brzezinski. The judges for the talent show this year were Bryonna Mulvaney, Casey Hawk, and Shawn Collins. 

The judges enjoyed the performers and they each had some favorites as well. 

 Hawk says, “My favorite talent performance was the two young ladies from Journalism. I thought they were very creative, silly, and well prepared.” 

The talent show gives students an opportunity to show who they really are and to show what they can do. There were many positive statements about the well-performed talent show. 

“I love the talent show, and I wish we had more participants who show their amazing gifts and work ethic to their peers,” states Hawk. 

Each act represented a club or activity at A-West. For example, Brzezinski represented Spanish Honor Society. The overall goal was to raise awareness of different clubs and activities to students and other members of A-West. 

Journalism performed a comedy act, Sovold represented the merfolk club with a singing performance, Pool represented National Honor Society with another singing performance and Brzezinski represented Spanish Honor Society with a juggling act. 

The show was live-streamed on YouTube and Instagram and later uploaded to YouTube, for people at home to be able to watch. 

Sovold singing “Concrete Angel” by Martina McBride, and Pool singing “Heaven Gates” by Fall Out Boy. Improve also entertained the crowd with some fun performances. For example, the cast each played their own role, whether it was acting out a character that was chosen by other people or giving everyone a good laugh. 

 The winner of the talent show, Pool had an amazing performance, the judges state that her voice was “incredible” and “beyond what they imagined.” 

“The top model competition was so fun, regardless of winning or losing. It was a wonderful experience and a joy for all the students and staff. Everyone had a chance to be competitive and still have fun, which is what the school is all about,” explains Madisen Jenkins, a junior at A-West. 

Many hope that the joy and spirit the talent show brings will stick around for many years. Win or lose, it is evident that all students have talent. The production of the talent show showcased acts that touched the heart, left people in awe, ones left everyone with a good laugh. A-West student council raised awareness for the clubs around the school successfully closing off A-West’s first Culture Week. Another great performance by the students.