Junior homecoming royalty makes Arvada West history


Photo courtesy of Brady Roland

Homecoming has made history at Arvada West this year; two females have won homecoming royalty. Juniors Brianna Curtis and Jade Newkirk have placed a new view on royalty and the purpose of being who you are. 

Curtis and Newkirk have been dating for six months and were encouraged by their peers to run for royalty. This was the first time that A-West has offered a voting form that does not mention gender, opting to only have “Choice 1” and “Choice 2” on the ballot. This inspired Curtis and Newkirk to be the first same-sex couple to run for homecoming court at A-West. As time passed, forms were passed out and advertisements were created, Junior voters around A-West casted their votes. The winners were then announced. As many assumed, the two juniors won. 

Curtis states ¨Being royalty showed me that gender norms aren’t so important to Arvada West anymore.¨ 

Curtis believes that there has been a huge growth in the student population and people becoming their true selves.

Both Curtis and Newkirk commented that the experience showed many students that you can express whoever you are, even if you come across some heartache, everything will be okay in the end. They hope to motivate many others to stand up for who they are; encouraging others to do the same in the future.

With all this said, A-West has many ways for students to express who they are. Many clubs like the Gay/Straight Alliance and Equality Club (soon to come). Aiming to create a safe space for students as well as a community for people to accept and express themselves. There are always ways to get involved at A-West. 

There have been many exciting things this month alone. One is National Coming Out Day. On October 11, 2021, many celebrated the day for LGBTQ+.  

Newkirk encourages everyone to, ”Be true to yourself¨

Telling not only the school but those who listen, no matter what hardships life comes to face, always be there for yourself and who you are. 

With history made at Arvada West, more is expected to come, as the future is forever changed.