Arvada West football keeps hopes alive


Makenzie Sproles

A-West Football celebrates touchdown

Arvada West Football had a bittersweet win against Ralston Valley last week, on Friday, October 29. Throughout the game the team scored 17 points, securing the win 17-10. Being the seniors last season before the playoffs. 

Seniors express the win as very emotional. Through the game, they felt that all their emotions came at once. Noah Younger (#13) commented on how his emotions were on a roller coaster through the beginning of the game. As he didn’t know what was to come. 

Ean Lee (#11) expresses how his first touchdown of the game made him feel. As he got the touchdown, he was overall excited, confetti going everywhere and the sounds of everyone’s celebration. At the same time, he realized that it could be his last touchdown of the regular football season. 

Lee states, ¨After the game, I cried knowing that it’s the last regular season with my brothers.¨

The seniors on the team have seen the most. Throughout the years A-West had a hard time winning over the rival schools. Wyatt Blomquist (#2) says through the years he’s loved to see the culture change around A-West football. 

Blomquist says,”After the tough seasons we have played in the past, it was very special to go play the way we did with all of my teammates.”

Blomquist describes how seeing the games go from 0 wins in a season to 8-2 is amazing to see. He states how seeing the process of that over the course of his high school career has taught him a lot on what it takes to obtain success. 

Their overall success led to the win, leading them off to playoffs, as this is the first time in years that A-West football had made it this far. The excitement shows through the whole school, as there is still so much to see for the team. 

Winding down to playoffs, the seniors are realizing these are their last games. The thrill of high school football will soon be over, and they will soon be off to start new memories. As the past four years have been the most memorable. The seniors say that they will miss their team and the excitement of going to each practice. There’s still so much to come for all of these players and for the years to come for A-West football.