Varsity softball player recalls stellar season


Mackenzie Ferguson, up to bat.

Mackenzie Ferguson is a sophomore here at A-West on the Varsity softball team. Ferguson has been on Varsity since her Freshman year, playing crucial positions like pitcher, first base, and outfield. 

Ferguson talks about the stress level of balancing academics with sports, explaining how softball has taught her so much about time management. 

“I absolutely feel overwhelmed at times but it’s all part of being a student-athlete and it’s helped me learn a lot,” Ferguson says. 

The girls all have a tight bond, and Ferguson believes A-West softball has a beautiful future ahead of them. One of these achievements so far being, on October 22, 2021, the Varsity girls went to state, playing against Fossil Ridge. Ferguson explains that the feelings on the way to the game were unforgettable. 

“It was very energetic and exciting. It was super fun and gave us a lot of energy for the game,” Ferguson recalls.

Sadly, after a long game, the score was 6-1 Fossil Ridge. Although this is a hard pill to swallow for many, Ferguson explained how it just brought the team even closer. Everyone had worked so hard and achieved many personal things that it just made everyone prouder of each other.  

“There was a lot of emotion, but we were really proud of each other for how far we had come as a team,” Ferguson states.

Ferguson has already made a huge impact on A-West’s sports, and her future looks very bright. Ferguson hopes to go to college and continue playing softball and get a degree in sports medicine or exercise science. Her commitment and dedication will push her far, and A-West is excited to see her get there.