The importance of Music


Music has many ways to impact the lives of people. From coping to just feeling better, music is always there for one to listen to. Students around Arvada West express what music truly means to them, ranging from people who play instruments to people who enjoy spending time listening to the true aspects of music. 

Students around the school state that music has a certain place in their hearts.

Junior Tayo Carter states, ¨Music maps my own thoughts, it helps me focus on what I’m thinking about¨

Carter explains that when he shares his music, people get a better understanding of who he is. Carter spends every day listening to varieties of music that help him focus on what he has at hand, or just to simply relax. 

Students claim to listen to music a lot in school, as an Instagram survey of 20 people shows that 84% of students listen to music during or in school. Junior Andrew Manson states that he listens to music to stay focused in class, he also claims that listening to music provides him a mental escape, not only in school but at home as well. Manson said that he turns on certain types of music to put him in a certain mood.

Manson claims,¨It helps me focus on certain things that I need to do¨

Students claim that music has a certain place in their hearts, and listening to music truly helps them whenever they need it. As for junior violinist Ellia Zuniga, she spends her time practicing her violin. Zuniga says that playing her violin relieves stress in a different way than regular music as she is more at the moment when she plays.

Zuniga describes how music has gotten her where she is today;¨It’s important to me because of the relationships I’ve built with so many people.¨

Showing that music alone can not just make a person happier, it can build lifelong connections that can lead to much more. As music has a place in a lot of people’s lives. Ranging from different genres and styles, music has a way for people to feel confident in themselves. For students at A-West, music has a bigger place in their lives than they may expect. No matter the situation, it’s always there for one to listen.