Generation Z is changing the makeup game for good


Makeup is nothing new to the beauty industry, it has been around for as long as anyone can remember and clearly is not going anywhere, and for good reason too. Something as simple as a little bit of mascara or blush has the ability to make people feel powerful and confident so it is no wonder makeup sticks from generation to generation. Gen Z specifically is transforming the makeup game every single day whether we are aware of it or not. 

It is no secret by now that Gen Z is making big changes to the world ranging from diversity and inclusivity and that does not stop with makeup. We are a generation that strives to embrace and highlight our supposed “flaws” to break down the idea that we need to look perfect all the time. 

Ulrike Scherer with Kalista Edit explains the contrast between Gen Z and millennial makeup by stating, “The difference, to me, lies more in the playfulness of these looks, the willingness to ditch the need for perfection or flawless techniques. Instead, Gen Z just goes for it—fully embracing the messiness and chaos that comes with spontaneously creating whatever crazy look pops into your head. This is such a different attitude compared to older generations, where a polished, perfect makeup look was the goal.” 

Perfection is not a priority to this budding generation; self-love and acceptance is. Makeup is an outlet for people to express themselves however they want so there are really no rules or standards set anymore. 

Junior Tori Foss explains, “Makeup is supposed to make you feel good, so who cares what anyone else thinks? Gen Z is so much more accepting than older generations, and I think that is what makes us stand out.” 

This idea of self-acceptance is making a big difference in the beauty industry and could potentially change the game forever. 

Annachiara Biondi with Vogue Business explains, “Over recent years, consumer spending has shifted from colour cosmetics towards skincare, driving business for market leaders like L’Oréal and Estée Lauder. Palmer of Forma Brands, parent company of LA-based beauty and cosmetics brand Morphe, says that this evolution, while cross-generational, is strongly linked to Gen Z’s higher level of self-acceptance.” 

Self-identity and expression are highly valued among those in Generation Z and makeup plays a huge part in letting individuals feel free to express themselves the way they want. Makeup has no rules and Gen Z is finally taking that idea and running with it in an inclusive way. 

Scherer sums it up perfectly in that, “If I were to boil down the essentials of Gen Z makeup, I would say it is all about whimsy, embracing your (perceived) imperfections and a willingness to experiment and ditch those previous makeup rules.”