The Running Clock

The Running Clock

As the year winds down, many seniors express what the rest of the year will look like for them. Senioritis has struck many kids around the school, loss of motivation within seniors within the school is taking action at its fullest. 

Senior Olivia McCandless says,“I’m losing motivation to the point where I’ll just stay home.”

She Expresses that the farther into the year she gets the less and less she wants to participate. There are still many things that motivate her to come to school, such as friends and Warren Tech. McCandless is committed to Black Hills State University. She is now counting down the final days of her classes.

In a survey of 36 seniors at Arvada West, nearly half of the students say that senioritis affects them on a daily basis. Yet many want to overcome it and grind out the last 5 months. Most students describe it as a painful way to get through the year. Lack of motivation and positive output on work has certain students pushing to physically go to school.

Senior Peyton Graves discusses what she’ll miss and what she’s ready to see go. 

“I’ll miss the familiarity of everything. The Halls the people. I’m still not ready for that part to come to an end.”

Graves talks about how much is overall going on around her, from college to a small English assignment.

“Honestly the time just seems to go faster and faster every day.”

How can they instead overcome this? Students need to find the joy in coming to school not only for work but also the friends and events that take place over the course of the year. As things are changing fast many more adventures are still to come.