Good-bye to our friend winter


“Even the prick of the thistle, queen of the weeds, revives your secret belief in perpetual spring, your faith that for every hurt there is a leaf to cure it.

In the famous words of George Harrison, “Here comes the sun”. Or rather here almost comes the sun. After a week of sunny weather, Arvada has once again been wrapped neatly in blankets of snow. Unlike the dark dreary days of December, January, and February however, the snow is not here to stay. Soft golden suns in the late afternoon melt snow and ice, teasing a sense of spring that we have once again almost forgotten. 

“Nothing drear can move me. I will not, cannot go” (Caius Krohnfeldt)

Night brings no such warmth yet. Warm sunshine becomes cold starlight and the city freezes over. Snowflakes soft as down fall gently as residents make their way to sleep. Standing outside in the middle of the cold darkness the stars are almost indistinguishable from the sweet snow. That is what will be remembered about these nights. The stars that fall from the sky, landing on the faces and shoulders of those willing to endure the chill of night. Most people cannot stand the snow, but there is a certain ethereal beauty in these cold and quiet nights. 

Soft layers of snow fall at night (Caius Krohnfeldt )

These nightly freezes give way to uncomfortably cold mornings. Residents of Arvada are just as certain to see their breath in the morning as they are to see their own shadow. There are no other mornings brighter than these. The slightest hints of sunlight catch the exposed snow and light the mornings with shining white light. 

Life remains as snow melts away (Caius Krohnfeldt )

Life is creeping its way back into the world. Slowly but more and more each day. Soon dead trees will start to blossom and breathe life back into the world once again. Flowers will bloom as well and color will return. Springs has been shy, and the world has missed her greatly but she is just around the corner now. 

Trees begin returning to life (Caius Krohnfeldt)

This upcoming week the snow is turning into rain. Temperatures will reach the upper 50s and lower 60’s in the first half of the week, followed by rain and a chance of a little snow on Thursday. After that, warmer weather will ease A-West students into spring break, allowing them to really welcome the season of life in a proper way. 

Flower faces look away