Senior Spotlight: Kofi Asari


Kofi Asari, posing for his senior photos!

Arvada West senior Kofi Asari has a very exciting future ahead of him. With the year coming to a close, Asari has done many incredible things and will continue to do so. Asari has been interested in planes and electronics since he was really little, and plans to continue to get involved with them in his future. Starting in his elementary school years Asari was in love with planes and creating new things. In middle school, he started rebuilding computers and other electronics, even fully making small-sized control planes.

“I first showed interest in aviation when I was in kindergarten and would draw nothing other than planes in my weekly journal!” Asari explains. 

Asari flies planes in Colorado, and actually got his license to do so when he was 15 years old. He loves to rebuild electronics and create new things. After he graduates, Asari plans to work during the summer and attend CU Boulder for electrical engineering in the fall. He was first introduced to technology by his father who is an engineer.

Asari says, “He’s since passed down many electrical instruments, parts, and knowledge to me. My brother, who is also now an engineer, provided me with the pathways and skillset to learn anything using the internet.” 

Being around engineering his whole life, Asari was destined to find love and interest in it himself. Asari’s favorite part about high school over his 4 years was his lunch period, because it gave him time to see and hang out with his friends more often, in between all of his classes. 

“I am nervous about what the next four years will be like but I feel that I’m ready to adapt to the new challenges coming my way!” he shares. 

In the future, he hopes to become an electrical engineer working with aircraft and space vehicles, and maybe one day become a test pilot.