Freshman Spotlight: Dakota St.Clair

Dakota St. Clair in her homecoming outfit 21

Photo courtesy to Dakota St. Clair

Dakota St. Clair in her homecoming outfit ’21 Photo courtesy to Dakota St. Clair

The curtains are finally falling. The year is coming to an end. And as denouement looms and our favorite seniors take their final bows, the rest of A-West prepares for the next big show. Freshman Dakota St.Clair is no different at all. As the delightful approach of summer begins, St.Clair reflects on her first year of high school.  

¨My favorite experience from this year was being able to have the opportunity to join the theater company and really get to know everyone in the theater company.¨

St.Clair took part in both Clue and The Addams Family as a costume/hair and makeup designer and House Manager. St.Clair took this opportunity to learn from others within the performing arts company and connect with everyone. 

¨My favorite memory was working on Saturdays and Tech week. It was honestly so fun and I got to spend time with people I love, and overall was just an amazing experience.¨

St.Clair discusses how theater impacted her,

¨It definitely made me more mature and taught me how to take care of situations better and also really taught me how to be social again. After Covid-19 I had gotten really anti-social and when I joined theater I really got to find my people throughout the year.¨

As the change supported St.Clair, she got to experience her first full year of school since early middle school. Yet since the change, she couldn’t be happier about where she is in life. 

¨I would definitely change a lot of things about this year but I feel like if I were to change what happened this year, I wouldn’t be who I am today so personally, I thank those moments for making me who I am.¨

As Dakota still has 3 years left of high school, her story has just begun and she is excited for the many more experiences she has left. St.Clair discusses how incoming freshmen should be prepared to be busy.

¨You will most likely have homework every other night and over the weekends. Join all the school clubs you feel interested in, they can give you a lot of credits, and last but not least, do not be afraid to ask for help.¨

Arvada west has brought many opportunities for many students, and this is only the beginning for many.