Seniors reflect on time at A-West


Photo by Safiya Zimmerman-Rhea

Friday the 13 often brings a of sense of doom to those prone to superstition. And so this year, May 13 brings the day most A-West seniors have been longing for, their final day of high school. As A-West seniors wrap up their finals and say bye to all their teachers who have helped them through their high school careers, they are reflective about their high school careers.

The class of 2022 has had a very different outlook on high school than the underclassmen and the classes that have graduated before them. With the 2021-22 school year being their first real high school year, it has been very different than their expectations and the rest of high school.

“We weren’t in school, and I feel like everyone’s motivation just went down,” Beau Vigil says. “ It was the hardest part about Covid.”

Knowing that students were struggling,  some A-west staff have gone above and beyond to be sure students get back on track with motivation and grades, “Coach Burgess was my rock. He helped and taught me a lot through my four years of high school,” senior Keith Sutton says, is the person who kept pushing him throughout school.

No matter what bonds students make with teachers throughout their time at school, teachers always make an impact 

A-West teachers created a school-wide culture of inclusivity. 

 “Mrs.Lewis reached out to me. I wasn’t even in her class, but I had her before and she reached out to me so that was nice,” Vigil says.

Students ultimately make it to graduation with a lot of support from friends, parents, and teachers, so the support from teachers is a valuable opportunity that students can take advantage of.

“Something I would tell my freshman self is get better grades so you get more college offers and if you don’t understand something talk to your teachers, ” Ean Lee states.

Through everything the class of 2022 has been through it has all paid off on their final day as they walk out of the halls of A-West for the final time.

“We made it baby,” Lee states with elation.